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Selle Valley Beams

Custom Faux Box Beams to Cover Glulams

We had a client approach us during a remodel of their home in Selle Valley. They have a beautiful property of 100+ acres that boasts trails between pine trees, the Pack River, a wide meadow, and an incredible view of Schweitzer mountain. However, the house was not up to par with its surroundings. They were already working with a General Contractor and local designer and had grand plans to double the homes size and create a rustic mountain retreat featuring lots of natural materials.

To accomplish the increase in home size, the engineers required glulam beams. Glulams are ideal for providing structural support for long spans, but did not meet the aesthetic requirements for this project. The client wanted to cover the glulams and make them appear like reclaimed beams. In addition, the beams needed to complement the wood cabinets and flooring.

We explored using Douglas Fir, White Oak, and Alder woods. Since the customer wanted a cool, grey-tone color, Douglas Fir was not a good option. White Oak and Alder both provided the customer with the look they desired and Alder was eventually chosen since it had a significant cost advantage.

We provided several rounds of samples to create the desired look. The client wanted a multi-toned and aged appearance that was completely matte with no sheen. We used an advanced finishing system that allows for layering colors with different techniques. The client also wanted a reclaimed look so we used our reclaimed imitation texturing technique that further enhanced the color variation. Other finishing techniques we used involved wire brushing and torching. This combination of choices created these extraordinary beams.

The length of the beams meant there would be exposed splices on the beam wraps. Instead of this being a negative, we embraced this detail and cut in a traditional timber framing scarf joint where the pieces joined. This further enhanced the look that the beams were solid, old beams versus a wrapped glulam.

Featured Partners:

  • Installation was completed by Christopher of Southpaw Builders.  

  • Photo credit to Base Camp Design. 

What We Did

  • Faux box beams

  • Expert advice

  • Custom finishing

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