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Driveway Entries

An extraordinary timber frame driveway entry or porte cochere sets your home or business apart. These dramatic entrances stir up the beginnings of a positive experience for visitors and customers.  


These large structures are often self-supporting and offer a wide range of design possibilities. We can help you narrow the scope and provide expert planning.

D-2 Timber Driveway Entry.png
D-1 Timber Driveway Entry.png
D-3 Timber Frame Sign.jpg

FAQ: How do I start designing a large porte cochere?

Initially we need some critical dimensions including width, length, and roof pitch. From there we begin to investigate architectural features to tie into the primary building design. We'll also discuss the main goals of the structure and how to balance cost and aesthetics. Then we provide CAD drawings, a formal quote, and send the plans to our engineering partners for calculations and stamps if required. 

FAQ: Are porte cochere's just for commercial buildings?

Porte cocheres are primarily associated with commercial buildings, including hotels, hospitals, and apartments. Nonetheless, there is a growing trend among stately residential properties to incorporate these grand entrances. Certain architectural styles, such as Colonial, Tudor, and Italianate, are particularly inclined to include porte cocheres, both to maintain historical authenticity and to infuse their homes with an added sense of luxury and grandeur.

FAQ: What is the largest porte cochere you have built? 

We recently crafted a porte cochere for a new Springhill Suites hotel. The design combined metal and wood for a modern aesthetic, and each carry beam weighed 2500 pounds. The porte cochere was 48 ft wide, 28 ft long, and 20 ft tall which easily allows for six cars to park underneath. 

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