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The beauty of natural timber features is undeniable. Homeowners that partner with us have an extraordinary home that they love and are excited to share with others.  

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Our Process

1 / Initial Conversation

Please fill out our quote form or give us a call. We look forward to hearing about the inspiration behind your unique project and will meet you wherever you are in the process. 

2 / Drafting, CAD Drawing, Quote

We can draft custom house plans or work off of plans you already have. Our customers receive free CAD drawings and a detailed quote for approval.  

3 / More discussion, engineering (if needed)

After reviewing the CAD drawing and quote, more discussions will be had to button up any details needed. We will then send the project to our trusted engineering partners if the project requires it (most often for structural concerns or if stamps are needed). 

4 / Engineering finalized, receive 50% deposit, get started on custom project

After engineering is finalized, we require a 50% deposit to get started on your project. You can make a payment on our website. Once the deposit is received, you will be booked on the shop schedule. Please see our FAQs for more questions regarding our process. 

5 / Project finished, remaining 50% due, Project Ships to Customer

Once your project is finished, we will communicate with you to schedule a shipping date. The majority of our projects are shipped to General Contractors who install the timber features on the job site. 

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FAQ: How will I receive my timber features?

We have a variety of freight partners who deliver anywhere in the contiguous United States. We take care to package your timber features with all the necessary connectors, labels, and instructions needed to successfully install your timer features. And we are happy to provide additional advice with a phone call or site visit if needed!

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Please allow up to five business days for us to review your submission. 

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Joey and the team at Northern Timber Crafters were great to work with as we built our ICF home with timber trusses. From design to installation, Joey supported us each step of the way by answering our questions, providing drawings, technical and engineering support, etc. I highly recommend working with Northern Timber Crafters.

D. Patton

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