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Porches & Patios

We believe porches and patios should never be an afterthought of a home. They can be a gateway to nature and a haven for family and community to gather.


Natural elements create extraordinary exteriors. We craft timber frame porches, patios, and gazebos to give homeowners a place that they love and are excited to share with others. 

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P-1 Timber Porch Entry.png
P-4 Sun Porch Timber Wall Section.png

FAQ: How do you recommend I finish out my new patio? 

When finishing out a timber frame patio, homeowners need to decide if they want a "standard construction" or "natural construction" look.

With a "standard construction" look, you see plywood soffit and can lights. If this is chosen, then we provide just the timber posts and truss. Then the homeowner can use manipulated materials to finish the look.

If the homeowner decides on a completely "natural construction" look, then the entire patio will have wood timbers and decking. With this look, we can provide the timber posts and truss, and also common rafters, tongue-and-groove, etc. 

FAQ: How can I make my porch stand out?

Homeowners want their front porch to stand out and adding an extraordinary truss can be the most impactful dollar-for-dollar investment in achieving this goal. The most common request we get is to design a custom hammer beam truss and we suggest checking out our blog article dedicated to the many variations of this popular design. In addition, you can experiment with pitch, post configuration, stone features, and lighting to make your front porch one-of-a-kind. 

FAQ: Can I add a timber frame porch or patio to any home? 

Most likely, yes. A timber frame porch or patio is typically a stand-alone structure that only connects to a current home in a few key places.

We routinely craft timber frame porches and patios that are added to ICF block and standard stick-frame homes. 

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