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We facilitate the planning and practice our craft to share the beauty of natural timbers. 

Northern Timber Crafters is a custom timber frame shop located in the Idaho Panhandle providing our products throughout the United States. We manufacture our timber products from Douglas Fir and other species found in the Pacific Northwest. Our products are always custom sized and finished to meet homeowners' exact specifications.

We offer a variety of custom timber products. Our most popular product is an exposed timber truss. The majority of our orders also request timber frame front porches and timber frame back patios.

We pride ourselves on creating enjoyable, long-term relationships. We work hand-in-hand with engineers, architects, and General Contractors to complete projects. The majority of our products are shipped to General Contractors who install the timber features on their job site. 

Check out our specialties below to learn about our most common products. 


Sizes up to:

12” x 24” rectangular

18” X 18” square

40 ft lengths

Other Products

We offer a variety of other timber features including tongue & groove (T&G), common rafters, purlins, ridge beams, and more. 

We can also supply custom hardware, brackets, and plates for assembling timber features. 

Forest Lake
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