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Wood Siding and Decking

Wood siding can transform your home's exterior. We can produce wood siding from Douglas Fir or Cedar wood. We offer both hewn and rough-sawn finishes. 

In the interior of a home, we can customize a space with wood features on ceilings and walls. "Decking" options include traditional tongue and groove, rough-faced parallel boards, and more depending on the design aesthetic of your project. 

S-2 Wavy Edge Bevel Wood Siding.png
S-12 Cedar Ship-Lap Wood Siding.jpg

FAQ: Is wood siding durable and what is required maintenance? 

Wood siding can be extremely durable when the right considerations are made up front. When choosing wood siding, the most important thing is to choose a high-quality finish like a natural oil that soaks into the wood fibers versus a stain that sits on top of the wood. Another significant factor to consider is how much sun exposure the siding will have. We can either add a high-quality finish to your wood siding or guide you on how to do it yourself. 

FAQ: What species is your tongue and groove decking? 

We recommend using the same species of wood as your trusses, which in our case is Douglas Fir. This will ensure that any finish or stain will not "take" differently and the finished products will match. 

FAQ: Does the texture of my decking need to match my trusses? 

There's no right or wrong when choosing a texture. If you want a perfect complement to your trusses, choosing the same texture is the way to go. However, if you want secondary features to "pop" then picking different textures may be the better choice. For example, a recent customer paired reclaimed imitation trusses with rough-faced decking for an extraordinary modern mountain home. To learn more about our texture options, check out our blog article

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