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Our most popular product is an exposed timber truss. We craft arched trusses, fink trusses, king post trusses, and hammer beam trusses. We offer several types of joinery including traditional mortise and tenon, hidden knife plates, gusset plates, and other concealed connectors. In addition to custom trusses, we also provide purlins, ridge beams, common rafters, and tongue and groove decking to complete your roof structure. 

We fabricate and pre-assemble each truss to be ready for installation at your jobsite. Our trusted timber crafters utilize their experience and our specialized equipment to produce perfect lines, arches, and curves.

TT-5 Exposed Washer Truss.png
TT-8-B Hammber Beam Timber Truss.png
Timber Trusses.jpg

FAQ: Do you provide engineered trusses? 

We do not build engineered trusses. All of our products are produced from natural timber from Douglas Fir trees. To learn about the differences between custom timber trusses and engineered trusses, vist our blog

FAQ: Do you build trusses out of 2x material? 

No, we only craft using large timbers. Our gable trusses are typically crafted with 4x timbers. Our interior and porch trusses are typically crafted with 6x-10x timbers. Trusses made out of 2x are usually not exposed. All of our trusses are designed to be exposed and an extraordinary feature of a project. 

FAQ: Are your trusses structural or decorative? 

We can do both. The key difference between structural and decorative trusses is the level of complexity in the joinery. When designing a home, it's most cost effective to make the timber trusses structural versus using other materials and then adding a decorative truss afterwards. 

FAQ: How large of trusses can you build? 

Our largest structural trusses were 48 feet long. The most common lengths we build are between 20-34 feet. Almost all of our trusses are shipped to a General Contractor to install, and the pitch will often determine how pre-assembled the trusses can ship and arrive on-site. 

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