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Our high quality grade #1 structural wood beams are used by contractors, home builders, and timber framers nationwide. All of our beams are precision cut from kiln dried,  Douglas Fir logs to produce a beautiful finished product with minimal shrinkage. 

Beams can be highly customized with options including FOHC, FOW, S4S, KD, and more. Let our expertise help you decide what attributes are right for your project. 

We offer sizes up to:

  • 12” x 24” rectangular

  • 18” X 18” square

  • 40 ft lengths

B-3 Timber Frame Home Construction.png
B-2 Timber Frame Home Package.png
T-1 Sample Timber Sizing.png

FAQ: What are the finish options for beams?

Our finish options include S4S smooth planed, resawn, hand-hewn, and reclaimed imitation. Check out our photo gallery for examples of each type and a detailed explanation of each type can be read on our blog

FAQ: Are your timbers green or dry? 

We only supply kiln-dried timber beams. All of our beams are guaranteed to have 17% moisture content or less. Green timbers have a risk of warping, moving, or twisting before or after install so we do not recommend them for most projects.

FAQ: should I care about what grade my beams are?

Absolutely! There are many variables that go into grading a timber. A professional log scaler will grade a timber based on knot size and frequency, pitch pockets, slope of grain, and more. This grading is critical for structural applications and makes a noticeable difference in the look and quality of decorative projects. We typically only work with timbers that have a grade of #1 or structural select. 

FAQ: Is bigger always better when it comes to beams?

For a detailed discussion on scale and cost considerations, check out our blog post on big timber beams

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