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Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Q: What species of wood do you use and where does it come from?

A: All of our beams are precision cut from dried, Douglas Fir logs to produce a beautiful finished product with minimal shrinkage. Douglas Fir offers the best balance of structurally strong, lightweight, and beautiful color choices. Depending on the project, we choose to use inland Douglas Fir or coastal Douglas Fir. All of our wood comes from sawmills in the Pacific Northwest.

Q: Are your trusses structural or decorative?

A: We build both! It depends entirely upon your project. The way we build is significantly different but visually we can make each look amazing. We do not build engineered trusses.

Q: Do you provide engineering and architectural services?

A: We act as a reliable sub-contractor and can facilitate the planning to bring natural beauty into your home. While we can rely upon our past experience to assess what is common, we are not licensed engineers or architects. If your project requires these professionals, we can pull in our best contacts to assist in your design. You are also welcome to supply your own blueprints for us to work from.

Q: How long does it take to get my custom timbers or beams?

A: After discussing your project and giving you a formal quote, we require a 50% deposit to get your project started (the other 50% is due before the product ships). Custom timber projects are usually 3-6 months out (or more). Beam orders can require 1-3 months (or more). Delays are common in the building industry right now so securing your order as early as possible is imperative to keeping your project on track.

Q: Can you give me a rough estimate?

A: The best way to get an estimate is to fill out our "Get a Quote" form and then send us an e-mail with any additional details. We recommend looking through our gallery to give us a better idea of what style you are wanting. Then we'll have a phone call and get any specifics we need to give you a personalized quote. All of our jobs are highly custom so our pricing is also.

Q: Do you have any beams in stock? How big?

A: Although we may have some leftover beams in the shop, we do not stock many beams for "one-off" orders. We can order the following and ship anywhere in the continental US:

Sizes up to:

12” x 24” rectangular

18” X 18” square

40 ft lengths

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